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The ultra-compact streaming DAC

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An emotional instrument of precision

The Madison is a true concentrate of technology dedicated to music reproduction. Built in the spirit of Swiss watchmaking, its casing takes up the line of the Emerson and hosts a streamer/DAC designed in the pure tradition of High-End devices.

With no unnecessary features, no compromise on quality and the ease of use that contributed to the reputation of Wattson Audio products, the Madison invites you to spend many hours in its musical world.


Complex and versatile

The Madison's on-board digital signal processor is extremely advanced, featuring our new proprietary oversampling algorithm.

From LEEDH Processing digital volume control, to calculation of low-frequency correction filters  and DSD to PCM conversion, this DSP is a key element in the design and operation of the Madison.

Digital inputs


With its network input and two S/PDIF inputs, the Madison offers a comprehensive range of digital inputs to suit most Hi-Fi and audio-video sources.

Analog outputs


The Madison's analog outputs are fully balanced, with a dual mono digital-to-analog converter on each channel.
The Madison can be connected to either an XLR or RCA connector, to a power amplifier or pre-amplifier of a traditional system, or to a pair of active speakers.


Adjust the bass level of your speakers according to their position  

Faithfully reproduces your Hi-Res digital music   

Enhance your digital sources with oversampling


Emotion first

Feeling the emotion and sophistication of music in an audio system is only possible when the utmost care is taken in the implementation of the device's components.

Encouraged by users who have been won over by the Emerson range, the Madison confirms our desire to go further in the quest for perfection in order to bring greater listening pleasure and restore all the subtleties of the music.

Madison always within reach

In addition to the multi-function front panel button, the Wattson Music and Wattson Remote apps handle all the settings on your Madison, from the bass EQ to the various interactions with the volume of the device.

You'll also find the entire Hi-Res catalog of TIDAL¹ and Qobuz² services, as well as the many radio stations offered by airable in the Wattson Music app.

Wattson Music app on iPhone

Audiophile players

Access to the streaming services

Supported protocols


Technical specifications

Key features

  • Proprietary streaming solution by engineered SA, bit perfect and asynchronous

  • Support for PCM and DSD high-definition formats

  • New up-sampling process with time-domain optimization, legacy of the famous Anagram Technology up-samplers

  • Lossless LEEDH Processing volume control for direct connection to power amplifiers

  • Adjustable bass response to compensate for speaker placement near walls

  • Ultra-low phase noise oscillators

  • One D/A converter chip per channel in dual differential mode

  • Full-symmetric analogue output stages

  • Very low-noise power supply circuits

  • CNC-machined out of a solid aluminium block

  • Design, manufacturing and assembling entirely made in Switzerland


  • Network input: 100Mbit/s Ethernet

  • Digital inputs: 1x S/PDIF on RCA connector, PCM and 1x S/PDIF on TOSLink

  • Analog outputs: 1x unbalanced on RCA connectors and 1x balanced on XLR

  • Headphone output: 6.35mm Jack connector



  • Supported compression formats: WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA

  • Control protocols: UPnP/DLNA, AirPlay, TIDAL connect, Roon ReadyAudirvāna

  • Streaming services brought by the Wattson Music app: TIDAL¹, Qobuz²airable radios



  • Network streaming resolution: PCM up to 32-bit 384kHz, DSD up to 256x (11,2896MHz)

  • S/PDIF input resolution: PCM up to 24-bit 192kHz

  • RCA output level (0dB FS): 2,1V RMS

  • XLR output level (0dB FS): 4,2V RMS

  • Signal-to-noise, weighted (SNR-A): typ. 124dB

  • Harmonic distortion (THD+N, 0dB FS): typ. 0,001%

  • Headphone output: 2x 150mW on 32 ohms, 2x 50mW on 150 ohms, 2x 10mW on 600 ohms


Mechanical and electrical characteristics 

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 6,9 x 7,3 x 1,9in (174 x 185 x 47mm)

  • Weight: 2,31lb (1050g)

  • Power supply: 5V DC, external, medical grade

  • Power consumption: 50mW (idle), 4,5 W (playing)



  • FSC cardboard 1,64oz/sq ft (500g/m²)

¹ requires a TIDAL service account and subscription, not included with the product

² requires a Qobuz service account and subscription, not included with the product

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