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Discovering Roon

You might have dreamed of a service that lets you browse both the music library of your home Media Server and any subscribed online dematerialized music services such as Qobuz or TIDAL. You may also be nostalgic for the album covers, full of information and photos, that used to embellish each artist's work and made it a unique reference object.

Roon provides a complete solution that brings together all your music, wherever it is, and presents it to you in a simple and organized way. To enhance this experience and make it even more appealing, Roon offers a vertical integration by providing direct access to information about artists, composers, reviews, concert dates, song lyrics and much more.


A computer is all what you need to install Roon and play your music from it. For a perfect integration in your infrastructure, it is also possible to install a dedicated Roon server that will be the new access point for all your music. Access to Roon is then done through the eponymous macOS, Windows and Linux compatible application, or through the iOS or Android remote app.

Roon x Wattson Audio

Roon is also working at the other end of the chain by encouraging partner manufacturers to implement the RAAT protocol in their devices, making them visible in this new ecosystem. This allows you at any time to follow the signal path of your music content from its source to the playback device, play in multiple rooms at once or add digital filters on the fly.

The Madison, as well as the Emerson DIGITAL and ANALOG have received the Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs. This certification confirms that these devices are fully integrated into the Roon environment.

To take advantage of this right away, it is only required to install the latest firmware update available for your streamer.

Madison Stream ready for Roon
Still in doubts?


The best way is to try it for free by visiting the Roon Labs website!

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