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Wattson Remote

Just like the Wattson Music app for the iOS environment, Wattson Remote is the very first version of our control app for the Android world!


Access all advanced settings of your device from the user interface of Wattson Remote, exactly like in Wattson Music.


Learn more about the present and future of Wattson Remote by reading the FAQ dedicated to this project, and check some important details from the main screens in the following guide.

Home screen

The Home screen of the Wattson Remote app is used as a connection point for the Wattson Audio products.

It is from this screen that the list of all available devices on the network are displayed.

Devices detection is automatic, but the list can be refreshed at any time by pulling it down or by pressing the "Scan" button.

Home screen of the Wattson Remote app
Home screen of the Wattson Remote app


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Remote screen
Remote screen of the Wattson Remote app
Remote screen of the Wattson Remote app

The "Remote" screen allows access to control functions, as well as advanced settings available on some of the Wattson Audio devices range.


Depending on the device selected, different information will be displayed on this screen, from simple general information about the device (firmware version, IP address, etc.) to control of the inputs available on it.


The device settings are accessible from a dedicated screen, accessible from the Settings menu located on the right side of the screen.


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Device settings screen

This screen lists all available settings for the selected device, from volume options to device and input renaming, as well as sound correction settings for models that support it, like the Madison.


The current version of the firmware installed on the device is also displayed on this screen. Access to the device's web page can be done easily by clicking on the IP address.


Finally, the app version is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Settings screen of the Wattson Remote app


Why did you choose a different name for the Android app?

While both apps look similar at first glance, Wattson Remote for Android does not yet have the same level of functionality as Wattson Music for iOS.

At this point, Wattson Remote only allows you to access the settings of your Wattson Audio streamer.


It was therefore important to distinguish the two apps by their names so that there is no confusion between them.

Why is the Wattson Remote app only released now?

Recurring requests from our community members have always made us consider bringing Wattson Music to Android devices.


However, this project has raised many questions internally, mainly because of the development and maintenance costs of such an application. Indeed, the goal is known and we want to give ourselves the means to offer Android users the same quality of experience that made Wattson Music successful. For the small team that we are, this quickly represents a big investment in time and resources.


We finally decided to move forward, but split the development into multiple phases to move at our own pace.


It's been a long wait, but today's release of Wattson Remote marks an important milestone for us.

Will Wattson Music ever be available for Android?



Wattson Remote is the first step in the development that will lead to a full version of Wattson Music for Android.


We could have never released Wattson Remote, knowing that this version is of limited interest in terms of music experience. However, we decided to make Wattson Remote public in order to gather feedback from Android users in the Wattson Audio community.

The Android ecosystem is very large and, in some ways, a bigger technical challenge than development in the iOS world in terms of the variety of devices and compatibility of versions of the same platform.

When will Wattson Remote become Wattson Music for Android?

At this point, the logical next step in the development process is to offer the first music playback features from within the app.


Just like our users, we are looking forward to making a new phase of this development public. 

However, the steps to transform Wattson Remote into Wattson Music will still take time to develop.

The next announcement regarding the evolution of Wattson Remote will be made in due course.

Will there be early access to future versions of Wattson Remote?



Gathering feedback from our customers and community members has always been important to us.

With the diversity of Android devices supported by Wattson Remote, it will be beneficial for the final user experience to have the app tested on a wide variety of devices when we release new features.


This is not yet a reality, but we are seriously considering offering access to beta versions of the app to selected users.

If this is set up, we will communicate about it when the time comes.

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