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The setup of...

Sandy S


Which device model did you choose?


Why did you make this choice and what were your expectations?

I wanted to switch towards a Roon server and TIDAL. I got hooked when listened to Danny Labrecque's (Luna Cables) setup here in the eastern township of Quebec, Canada.
Wanted a digital solution that sounded as good as my Kuzma turntable (for convenience) and couldn't believe how this thing sounded...
My former digital setup was through a Wavelength Cosecant DAC which I thought was pretty awesome!

Je voulais passer à un serveur Roon et à TIDAL et j'ai été séduit par l'installation de Danny Labrecque (Luna Cables) ici dans le comté de l'est du Québec, au Canada.
Je voulais une solution numérique qui sonnait aussi bien que ma platine Kuzma (pour des raisons de commodité) et je n'en revenais pas de la sonorité de ce dispositif...
Mon ancienne installation numérique passait par un Wavelength Cosecant DAC que je trouvais plutôt génial!

What setup did you organize around our product?

• Madison
• Kuzma Stabi S turntable
• Shindo Lab Masseto preamplifier
• Thöress hydrid mono power amplifier
• Grandinote Mach 4 loudspeakers
• Luna cables

• Madison
• Platine Kuzma Stabi S
• Préamplificateur Shindo Lab Masseto
• Amplificateur Thöress hydrid mono
• Enceintes Grandinote Mach 4
• Câbles Luna

What are the results?

Balanced, precise, engaging, effortless, textured image, just amazing!

I bought an Emerson Digital for my uncle (Albert Parent, whose setup is also available on, it basically transformed his setup!

Équilibré, précis, engageant, sans effort, image structurée, tout simplement incroyable!

J’ai acheté un Emerson Digital pour mon oncle (Albert Parent, dont le setup est aussi disponible sur Cela a transformé son installation!

What else?

To the curious minds and audiophile aficionados, this isn't just a small incremental upgrade of what digital audio is capable of, this is a step change that challenges our pre-conceived idea around digital compromises because there is simple none anymore!

Thank you Wattson, you guys rock!

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