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The setup of...

mathu JC


Which device model did you choose?


Why did you make this choice and what were your expectations?

I was looking for a steamer that could significantly improve the sound quality of my installation and should be compact and very intuitive in its operation.

Je cherchais un steamer pouvant nettement améliorer la qualité sonore de mon installation et devant être compact et très intuitif dans son fonctionnement.

What setup did you organize around our product?

• Emerson DIGITAL
• Advance Paris A10 Classic amplifier
• Q Acoustics Concept 30 loudspeakers
• Ethernet SOtM cables
• Coaxial ViaBlue cable
• Roon Nucleus Musicserver

• Emerson DIGITAL
• Amplificateur Advance Paris A10 Classic
• Enceintes Q Acoustics Concept 30
• Câbles Ethernet SOtM
• Câble coaxial ViaBlue
• Serveur de musique Roon Nucleus

What are the results?

Above my expectations!
The system is still running in, but the difference is already noticeable, with a rounder and warmer sound reminding me of my "vinyl" listening of several decades ago.

Au-dessus de mes attentes !
Le système est en rodage, mais la différence est déjà sensible, avec un son plus rond et plus chaud me rappelant mes écoutes « vinylesque » d'il y a plusieurs décennies.

What else?

Very happy with my steamer!

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