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The setup of...

Bohyun Kim

South Korea

Which device model did you choose?


Why did you make this choice and what were your expectations?

Je voulais juste un son naturel…

I just wanted a natural sound...

What setup did you organize around our product?

Connecté directement à un haut-parleur générique.
• Madison
• Haut-parleurs actifs Genelec 8030
• Casque B&O Beoplay H95

Connected directly to a generic speaker.
• Madison
• Genelec 8030 active loudspeakers
• B&O Beoplay H95 headset

What are the results?

Je suis satisfait du résultat et le contrôle de volume numérique est très utile !

I am satisfied with the result and the digital volume control is really useful!

What else?

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