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Wattson Audio

After years spent consulting, designing, and engineering digital and audio electronics for some of the most prestigious brands in high-end audio, the team behind the Wattson Audio products decided to leverage their accumulated experience and expertise to produce a series of forward looking, high-performance and high-value components.

So were born the Emersons and later, the more sophisticated and versatile Madisons, products that incorporated cutting-edge hardware and software solutions in compact, affordable, and elegantly distinctive packages.

There was no mistaking the Wattson Audio products: nothing looked like them and nothing anywhere near the price sounded remotely as good. They say that, "quality will out". In the case of the Emerson and Madison units, the componentry is exhaustively selected, the execution is exacting, the thinking is second to none. The casework is milled from solid, and the software is dedicated and proprietary.

Don’t be fooled by the diminutive dimensions or approachable price: each Wattson product represents a combination of high-end thinking and engineering, distilled down to its most compact, concentrated and performance focussed form. The hardware and circuit design are configured to allow software upgrades to keep digital products current, to allow analogue products to grow with your system. The operational algorithms and analog topologies protect owners from in-built obsolescence and ensure a long and extremely musical working life.


If all of that sounds familiar, it’s because it is!

With so many high-end brands leaning on the same engineers and the same experience that underpin the Wattson products, it’s no surprise that those "big brothers", shot through with the Wattson DNA, sound like echoes of the "home grown" designs. It puts those big and expensive products in pretty good company!


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