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November 2021

Dear Wattson Audio community,

Over a year ago, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we took on the challenge of launching our Wattson Audio brand by introducing our first product range, the Emerson streamers.
Your feedback has always been positive from the start and our user community continues to grow every day.


Today, after these troubled times, a new global economic crisis has hit the industry in general and the audio engineering field in particular.
A global shortage in the supply of components and raw materials is slowing down, when not crippling the production of every electronic equipment from smartphones to automotive as well as our Hi-Fi devices.


From alarmist talks about insufficient supply and unmet demand, manufacturing complexity and increased production, to less pessimistic speeches from some top executives predicting a way out of the crisis in the coming months, uncertainty continues to linger...



But as Nietzsche said: 

« What does not kill us makes us stronger. »

We at Wattson Audio continue to pursue our optimistic and dynamic vision. We adapt our production to this reality, without compromising on creativity or quality.
As a proof and despite these serious crises, we are still here and more committed than ever to offer you new products,. Some are in the final stages of development and even on the verge of being launched. 
We definitely have some nice surprises in our pipeline for you in 2022.

Thank you for believing in us and standing by our side to continue the Wattson Audio adventure!


The Wattson Audio team

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