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The setup of...



Which device model did you choose?

Emerson ANALOG

Why did you make this choice and what were your expectations?

The sound, the stability of the app and the simplicity of the whole thing.

La sonorité, la stabilité de l'app et la simplicité de toute l'affaire.

What setup did you organize around our product?

• Emerson ANALOG
• Technics SL-1200GR turntable
• Naim CD-5si CD player
• Naim NAT-05 tuner
• Kora TB-140 integrated amplifier
• Piega Premium 301 loudspeakers
• Mogami professional cables

• Emerson ANALOG
• Platine Technics SL-1200GR
• Lecteur CD Naim CD-5si
• Tuner Naim NAT-05
• Amplificateur intégré Kora TB-140
• Enceintes Piega Premium 301
• Câblage professionnel Mogami

What are the results?

The Wattson Emerson ANALOG is probably the most impressive piece of equipment I've come across in recent years. Designed with a solid understanding of digital technology, it delivers a clean, detailed and warm sound, the quality of which has little to do with the price. Even though it is the least expensive unit in my setup, it sits perfectly in its place and provides a fine sound that is teeming with micro-information. The match with the Kora amplifier is simply blessed.

Le Wattson Emerson ANALOG est sûrement l'appareil le plus bluffant que j'ai rencontré ces dernières années. Conçu avec une connaissance solide des technologies numériques, il apporte une restitution propre, détaillée et chaleureuse à la fois. La qualité de sa reproduction n'a que peu à voir avec le prix demandé. Même s'il est l'appareil le moins coûteux de mon setup, il est parfaitement à sa place et procure une sonorité fine qui fourmille de micro-informations. Le match avec l'amplificateur Kora est tout bonnement béni des dieux.

What else?

Before choosing the Emerson DIGITAL to complement a converter you already own, you should take the time to compare it with the Emerson ANALOG on its own, as it can sometimes hold some big surprises...

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